CUSTOMIZATION - Get the type of Bag you want..!

In order to make a customized bag we solicit the following information:
1. Size of the bag
2. Nature of fabric
3. Type of handles
4. Kind of logo/ embroidery to be done
5. Any other special requirements like zip, rivets, eyelets and buttons to be used.
6. A digital image of the bag (if available)

We are more than happy to work with you, on any ideas you have in order to tailor a unique eco friendly product to meet with your requirements. To discuss your requirements further, please Contact Us.!

  • Our Vision

    To contribute to the environmental awareness by providing alternate and complementary eco friendly products.
  • Our Mission

    Making high quality products made of eco friendly and sustainable raw materials.


  • Rudrika International
    15 Rajeshwar Nagar Phase
    5 Sahastradhara Road