Our product range (made from Jute, Cotton and Sisal) includes:
1) Shopping Bags, Tote Bags, Canvas Bags, Embroidered Bags, Wine Bags etc.
2) Bags (Satchels) designed for business meetings and conferences.

Our innovative range of eco- friendly promotional bags can be customized in accordance to your specific requirements and designs. We can meet all your promotional needs in an eco friendly way be it business conferences, shopping giveaways, brand promotion, exhibitions, event promotions or fundraising. Our Main products are as follows

1Jute Bags

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4Burlap Bags

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2Cotton Bags

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5Juco Bags

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3Sisal Products

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6Non Woven Bags

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  • Our Vision

    To contribute to the environmental awareness by providing alternate and complementary eco friendly products.
  • Our Mission

    Making high quality products made of eco friendly and sustainable raw materials.


  • Rudrika International
    15 Rajeshwar Nagar Phase
    5 Sahastradhara Road